Bahrain Wake
was founded by
two enthusiastic
wakeboarders eager to share their passion with others

Bahrain Wake was founded by two enthusiastic wakeboarders who wanted to practice their hobby in Bahrain, yet they could not properly practice wakeboarding because the facilities were not available in Bahrain at the time. Traditionally, the sport demands a specific type of boat called a towboat or wakeboat, different from your average fishing or jet boat.

Today, with a new innovation, wakeboarding can be done at a cable park which is a combination of high towers that have a cable running through them pulling the rider from one tower to the other.

Bahrain Wake has partnered with one of the leading cable park manufacturers in the world to bring you Bahrain’s First and Only Cable Park.

Bahrain Wake offers wakeboarding lessons at a reasonable price at Bahrain’s first cable park in Durrat Al Bahrain, encouraging anyone interested in the sport to learn how to wakeboard or to advance their skills. If you are a veteran of the sport, all you need to do is book a lesson with Bahrain Wake. Bahrain Wake often contacts professional wake boarders to assist with the training and development of the sport in Bahrain, if you are lucky you might be able to meet the top tier athletes of wakeboarding!

Bahrain Wake is also the official dealer for the globally recognized brand of Nautique boats, who specialize in manufacturing tournament towboats. Bahrain Wake is able to maintain the towboats after having received certified training from Pleasure Craft Marine (PCM) and are now recognized as a PCM Premiere Dealer.

In addition to the towboats, Bahrain Wake offers all the equipment for wakeboarding from Ronix as the official dealer in Bahrain. All you need from Wakeboards, Bindings, Life Vests, Ropes & Handles.


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